We build modular data centers.

Data Centers Delivered provides custom-built, manufactured data center solutions that give you the best of both worlds…the predictability, customization, larger size, flexibility and aesthetics of a field-built facility with the speed and cost-containment of a containerized data center.


While the factory-built construction process is a departure from the traditional process, most clients find the streamlined project process clear, predictable and easy to manage, beginning with the initial project scoping phase that accelerates your progress to the ideal capacity requirements you envision. So, before you head down the traditional construction process, talk to us about how our unique data center project plan may be just the alternative for you.


As you work through the decision process, keep in mind that regardless of the complexity of your new data center, our approach is always based on your data center design and your data center operating requirements.


Once you accept our modular data center proposal, we move swiftly through submittals and detailed data center design and fabrication drawings to meet your specific data center construction requirements.

With factory construction, we simultaneously produce all structural steel, mechanical, electrical, and sheet metal components free of weather interruptions, supplier shipping delays, or other common on-site construction hindrances.

In a matter of weeks, we arrive at staging, final assembly, testing and verification, ready to load and ship to your project site. Once delivered, Data Centers Delivered field representatives stay with you during full installation and commissioning of all systems.


As you compare costs of the various approaches to new data center construction, be sure to factor in the hidden costs associated with traditional construction that are eliminated in off-site, factory-built custom data center solutions, as well as the long-term cost of living with less-than-desirable options you inherit with cookie-cutter, containerized data centers.


While traditional data center construction spans one to three years, Data Centers Delivered can have you cutting the ribbon less than six months after sign-off on the data center project schedule.


Unlike would-be competitors, Data Centers Delivered offers true 100% custom modular data centers. We can utilize any existing — including several of our own — patented cooling system technologies. Therefore, achieving any theoretically possible PUE is obtainable to meet your data center optimization goals.

Welcome to Data Centers Delivered

Learn how Data Centers Delivered can provide you with a custom, modular data center in a matter of weeks versus months or years.

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Owners' Needs

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Plant Tour

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How We Design A Data Center

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How We Develop A Data Center

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How We Deliver A Data Center

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