We build modular data centers.

Data Centers Delivered provides a full-suite of modular data center solutions that offers you a customizable and scalable field-built construction process combined with the predictability, speed and cost-containment of a factory-manufactured, modular product approach…allowing your data center to grow along with any data center requirement you need.


In the data center industry, we get one size does not fit all. Your new data center may require unique-sized areas for easy server access and maintenance, cooling systems that can be either water-cooled or air-cooled and take advantage of today’s waterside and airside economization strategies, or different levels of redundancy for electrical and mechanical power systems.

To help identify the data center design that works best for you, Data Centers Delivered works with customers to analyze the feasibility of multiple configurations and aesthetical footprints so you know you made the absolute best choice for your data center.

Regardless of the complexity, our approach is always based on your data center design and operating requirements – not some predetermined concept of the “best” way to solve the problem.


Once we’ve collectively determined the best modular data center product approach, we move swiftly through submittals to meet your specific data center construction requirements.

With factory construction, we simultaneously produce all structural steel, mechanical, electrical, and sheet metal components free of weather interruptions, supplier shipping delays, or other common on-site construction hindrances.

While factory-built construction is a departure from the traditional process, most clients find:

  • Building off-site allows the operation fewer disruptions to daily business and greatly reduces your overall production schedule.
  • Modular maximizes usable space and reduces overall risk on a project due to structured and contained construction environments.
  • Off-site construction is scalable and allows allotment of capital expenditures to be controlled over a longer period of time.

In a matter of weeks, we arrive at staging, final assembly, testing and verification, ready to load and ship to your project site. Once on-site, Data Centers Delivered field representatives stay with you during full installation and commissioning of all systems.


As you compare costs of the various approaches to new data center construction, be sure to factor in the hidden costs associated with traditional construction that are eliminated in off-site, factory-built custom data center solutions.

Delays in field-built construction are fairly common as contractors must deal with permitting and code compliance regulations, occasional supply issues, and weather-related disruptions. In a factory setting where permits and codes are already in place, an inventory of supplies already exists, and weather events have little effect on productivity, both costs and risks are significantly reduced.

Additionally, replicating a particular design again and again reduces the risk of unexpected spending issues that are typical of first-time construction in a field-built scenario…translating to predictable capital expenditures and further reducing costs.

Data Centers Delivered’s pre-fabricated mechanical & electrical systems deliver repeatable custom designs in a turnkey pre-engineered package.

Pre-Fabricated Mechanical & Electrical Infrastructure

Mobile, expandable and cost-effective. The RAFTCube system was specifically designed for “in building” modular IT solutions.


Simple, Eco-friendly, & Modular. MicroDataCube products are technology-agnostic and allows organizations to ramp up their IT efforts in a cost effective manner.


Years of research and development have afforded us the ability to design modular data centers around “Low Density”, “Medium Density” and “High Density” to cater to our discerning client’s needs.

DataCube & DataCube Slide

Looking to maximize your total cost of ownership? Data Centers Delivered’s ISOCube offers a compelling alternative to expensive data center construction. ISOCube is a self-contained, fully portable data center.


Data Centers Delivered’s CustomCube solution provides a “build to suit” modular data center that lets the client direct just about every facet of their IT, Mechanical & Electrical space.