Matching Capital to Growth – No Need to Overindulge

Date posted: May 24, 2013  Posted by

Money drives the conversation when discussing the need for additional IT capacity.  We know we need to spend it, we know we need to create a return on our investment, and we know if we spend too much and strain that capital, it will create pressure and uncertainty moving forward.

When you design and build Custom Modular Data Centers (CMDC) utilizing Off-Site Construction (OSC), you have the ability to identify exactly how much capital will be allocated to deliver a defined amount of capacity.   In short, you are in control of your return on investment.  Gone are the worries of overbuilding or using too much of the allocated funds to build something today that will be obsolete in a couple years.

CMDCs allow for the rapid deployment of additional IT capacity, without having to over commit to the future, while OSC ensures your capacity is built exactly as it was designed and within a controlled factory environment that reduces risk and unforeseen capital expenditures commonly incurred when building on-site.

Why wouldn’t you opt for off-site modular construction and be the hero for your business?

Create a better return on your investment by matching capital to growth.  Spend funds only for what you need today and don’t unnecessarily overindulge for tomorrow.  It is simple, makes sense for your bottom line and what we do for clients every day.