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Date posted: April 18, 2012  Posted by

“We build data centers.”

Welcome to White SpaceThat’s the line you’ll see front and center on the homepage of our new website. With the launch of our site this week, we wanted a quick and easy way to explain to visitors what it is that we do. “We build data centers” is as good a place as any to start. And yet, that brief line is a little like U2’s Bono saying, “I sing in a band.”

The truth is, while many companies build data centers and the systems that support them, no one builds them like we do.

We’ve developed this website to help explain how our approach is unique in the data storage industry. So if you’re charged with managing data for your organization, or for construction of a new data center facility, we hope you’ll take a few moments to look through the site. If you do, here are three things you might find interesting:

  • We offer the best of both worlds: With us, you’ll receive a custom-built, manufactured data center that has all the customization and scalability advantages of the field-built facility with the speed and cost containment of a factory-manufactured, containerized data center.
  • Your technical requirements will be met: Customized means just that – a data center designed specifically to meet your technical requirements, regardless of how complex they are.
  • You can be up and running in months: We have a full appreciation for the time constraints you operate under. Our construction approach ensures you’ll be cutting the ribbon on your new data center typically in six months or less.

There’s much more to learn from our site if you’d like to know more, including how our costs compare to traditional field construction and containerized data centers, as well as the history of our company.

As for White Space, we’ll use this blog to give you our best thinking. Expect to find a mix of technical and topical subjects, from innovative white space design to fresh thinking on data center management.