Clients & Partners

We build data centers with the owners’ needs in mind.

“We used Data Centers Delivered as our partner of choice because of the unmatched quality of construction and the people who support it.”

– Robert Strong, Critical Facilities Technology, Denver, Colorado”

You know all too well the risks of not having the capacity to handle the rapidly increasing demand your organization has for data consumption, computing, security, and storage – as well as the risk of failing to make sound financial judgments as you build the data center capacity your company requires to be secure, competitive, and profitable.

To compound that, our world is changing at such a feverish pace, and data center owners are constantly tasked with providing their users the technologies and applications they need – when they need it, which requires the ability to manage more data, more quickly.

And unlike any time before, today’s data center managers are under increasing pressure to offer their management new capacity solutions that reduce the capital expense, time delays, and inherent risks of field-built data center construction.

Data Centers Delivered provides a full-suite of modular data center solutions that offers you a customizable and scalable field-built construction process combined with the predictability, speed and cost-containment of a factory-manufactured, modular product approach…allowing your data center to grow along with any data center requirement you need.

We help our partners in their quest to give the data center owner the best solution available.

In the data center industry, we get one size does not fit all. Your new data center may require unique-sized areas for easy server access and maintenance, cooling systems that can be either water-cooled or air-cooled and take advantage of today’s waterside and airside economization strategies, or different levels of redundancy for electrical and mechanical power systems.

To help identify the data center design that works best for you, Data Centers Delivered works with customers to analyze the feasibility of multiple configurations and aesthetical footprints so you know you made the absolute best choice for your data center.

Regardless of the complexity, our approach is always based on your data center design and operating requirements – not some predetermined concept of the “best” way to solve the problem.