Data Center Construction

Say goodbye to construction uncertainties.

Once you accept our modular data center proposal, we move swiftly through submittals and detailed design & fabrication drawings to meet your specific data center construction requirements.

With factory construction, we simultaneously produce all structural steel, mechanical, electrical, and sheet metal components free of weather interruptions, supplier shipping delays or other common on-site construction hindrances.

In a matter of weeks, we arrive at staging, final assembly, testing and verification, ready to load and ship to your on-site project site. Once delivered, Data Centers Delivered field representatives stay with you during full installation and commissioning of all systems.

Why build your data center off-site?

  • Building your data center off-site lets you continue your operation with fewer disruptions to your day-to-day business and greatly reduces your construction schedule.
  • Because it maximizes the amount of usable space in your data center, off-site construction saves you real estate that you can then use for other purposes, or not build out at all. By designating a single point of responsibility for construction, installation and commissioning, you reduce risk and eliminate the finger-pointing that typically occurs during on-site construction.
  • Off-site data center construction is scalable, which allows you to match capital to construction over a phased construction process. Our system gives us you the freedom to add future capacity easily, with minimal disruption to your operating systems. By contrast, field-built options inherently need to build infrastructure on Day One that may not be used until a much later date.
  • And, with a green IT data center produced off-site, you steward the earth as you eliminate on-site construction waste, reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint, utilize recycled materials and avoid disruption of eco-systems.