Data Center Design

As critical as your data is to your corporate mission, you simply must have your unique technical requirements met.

So, ordering off-the-shelf data center components from an online catalog, to be delivered in a modified shipping container, simply isn’t an option. But neither can you afford to wait two years for a new building to house a technology suite that may be well on its way to obsolescence by your grand opening.

Your new data center requires properly-sized areas for easy server access and maintenance, cooling systems that can be either water-cooled or air-cooled and take advantage of today’s waterside and airside economization strategies, and are powered by redundant electrical and control systems.

To help you achieve your target PUE, Data Centers Delivered analyzes the availability and feasibility of multiple alternatives so you know you made the absolute best choice for your data center cooling and efficiency needs.

Regardless of the complexity, our approach is always based on your data center design and your data center operating requirements – not some predetermined concept of the “best” way to solve the problem.

White Space

Data Centers Delivered’s white space is configured with large open areas for easy access and server maintenance. You configure the white space and infrastructure for your use. Provide a man-trap, IT management or operations area, or storage & staging area to populate and configure new technology in a secure area, as you see fit. Options include raised floor, hot aisle or cold aisle containment, in-row cooling or perimeter CRAH cooling.

Conversely, container data center solutions can dictate to the customer what the white space will look like. You get what fits in a standardized 8-foot wide box. Data Centers Delivered offers the customer the benefit of active involvement in all aspects of the data center design.

Mechanical and Electrical Infrastructure

Cooling systems can be air- or water-cooled with waterside or airside economization, with numerous levels of redundancy. Power distribution schemes can be single-path or redundant, and backed-up by generators, UPS/Batteries or alternative sources.

Enclosure Integrity and Security

Our enclosures, rated for 150 mph winds, are designed to withstand seismic events and can be reinforced to withstand external blasts. And internal security partitions enable different users or business units to share common space without compromising security integrity.

Data Centers Delivered produces a data center plan that marries the customization you need with your equally important needs for speed to delivery, lower total cost of ownership, and performance reliability.

And when you adopt the off-site Data Centers Delivered manufactured approach, you can count on us to serve as a data center design guide, working as a cohesive team to help you customize your new data center to your high standards and unique parameters.

And, since your discovery and data center design costs are absorbed into your total project cost once the data center build is complete, your upfront risks are limited to a nominal investment should your data center plans change – much less than the percentage of total construction costs you’d risk in field-built pre-construction costs.