Data Center Energy Efficiency

Although PUE and energy-efficient data center are important, building a data center is an investment and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, too much emphasis has been placed on the data center PUE number as a marketing tool and not enough focus has been placed on understanding and designing to meet client goals.

Unlike would-be competitors, Data Centers Delivered offers true 100% custom modular data centers. We can utilize any existing — including several of our own — patented cooling system technologies. Therefore, achieving any theoretically possible PUE is obtainable to meet your data center optimization goals. We have developed PUE analysis tools that quickly show our clients, by system type and geographic location, the predicted PUE based on real local weather data. Then, with real installed costs and local energy rates we discuss with them what their return on investment goals are to select a system that meets their unique data center energy efficiency needs.

Know the Data Center Energy Efficiency Terms

As you set your data center energy efficiency metrics, it’s helpful to have a firm grasp on the relevant terms:

PUE – Power Utilization Effectiveness.

The PUE is a ratio of the total power consumed by the data center including IT load, power distribution and back up systems, mechanical cooling loads, and any miscellaneous loads such as lights etc, to the power consumed by the IT load only. The logic behind measuring efficiency in this manner is that the sole purpose of the data center is the IT load. Any kilowatt used other than on the IT load is an inefficiency. A 100% efficient data center would have IT load only and thus would have a PUE value of 1.0. Therefore, the PUE cannot be lower then 1.0 and as you approach 1.0 you approach perfect efficiency.