Data Center Schedule

Time is everything in this business.

With data accumulating at a faster rate than anyone ever imagined, you have everything to gain from an accelerated schedule that keeps your need for customization intact.

While traditional data center construction spans one to three years, Data Centers Delivered can have you cutting the ribbon in less than six months after sign-off on the project.

Among the many benefits of a shortened timeline to new data center delivery are:

  • Earlier access to the new technology the data center will employ to improve productivity and revenue opportunity;
  • Elimination of delays by building modularly in controlled environments (no weather delays, site issues, etc.);
  • Reduced data center costs from factory construction advantages, limited coordination between trades, reduced need for on-site supervision, and more efficient factory testing that eliminates the lengthy traditional on-site commissioning process.
  • Mitigation of inherent field-build risks such as worker safety, asset losses due to theft and severe weather events, and environmental issues that halt the project; and
  • Decreased total cost of ownership through the ability to customize, anticipate density needs and build a scalable solution that isn’t obsolete by the time it is completed.

Data Centers Delivered Project Schedule

Both field construction and off-site data center construction require site-services scopes of work. Depending on the location, site services can include:

  1. Sanitary and sewer drains
  2. Surveys and building permits
  3. Domestic water supply hook-ups
  4. Foundation (concrete pads)
  5. Demolition of existing facilities or buildings
  6. Fencing and security

Field construction dictates that the majority of the site services be completed before construction can begin. This sequential process adds time to the overall schedule. Comparatively, in off-site data center construction the site services are completed at the same time the system is in fabrication, offering a parallel completion of tasks.

Sample Project Timeline

Day one Customer provides formal notice to proceed
Weeks 1-8 Submittals for client approval; Manufacturing drawings completed in-house to be used for fabrication
Weeks 9-12 Sub-assembly fabrication. Off-site data center construction produces piping spools, modular enclosure sheet metal panels, structural steel frames, and electrical conduits simultaneously since fabrication drawings have dealt with all possible interferences.
Weeks 12-16 Major gear (i.e. cooling systems, electrical switchgear, UPS, etc.) is delivered to the plant. System assembly and fitting tied together with sub-assemblies.
Weeks 17-18 System Factory Testing
Week 19 System modules disconnected and shipped to site
Week 20 Field reconnection of the modules as they arrive on site
Week 21-24 IT services complete any server installation and supporting wiring and cabling on site (if not completed in factory prior to shipment)
Weeks 25-26 Data center equipment start-up and commissioning, customer turn-over