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DCD builds all parts of the data center in a modular fashion, including white space, electrical infrastructure, and mechanical infrastructure. We offer these products and services as part of a whole project or individually to fit the job requirements. We can deliver as much, or as little as you need, and expand with you as your needs grow.

Our data centers can fit right into your building plans. We are able to provide an end-to-end product offering, and work with local partners to provide stamped engineering drawings, permitting, and construction management services. If you already have a construction team that you know and trust, we are equally comfortable working with them.


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Our Certifications:

Mechanical/Electrical Systems:

Electrical: ETL, and CSA (CSA only if request at time of order)
Mechanical: ASME B31.9, 31.1, 31.3 (latter two only if applicable, although all systems are tested in accordance with the pressure tests set out in B31.1)
Structural: CWB 47.1, AWS D1.1, and designed to meet applicable building codes, seismic requirements, etc. (minimum criteria is 40 lbs/sf roof load, 150 mph wind load)

Sheet Metal:

Wall Panels: ASTM A283 – Air Infiltration @ pressure differential of 12 psf
ASTM A331 – Water Penetration @ pressure differential of 15 psf
Roof Panels: ASTM E1680 – Air Infiltration @ pressure differential of 12 psf
ASTM E1646 – Water Penetration @ pressure differential of 15 psf
Note: Industry “standard” is 6.24 psf for all four test above
Acoustical rating available for sheet metal enclosure 1 Hour fire rated wall and roof available

IT (White Space) Systems:

Electrical, Mechanical and Structural same as above
Sheet metal: Same as above EXCEPT no acoustical rating, fire rating available