Our Story

Who we are

One of our Partner companies, Epsilon Industries, which has earned a solid reputation for producing high-performance electrical and mechanical systems for the most demanding applications, has partnered with manufacturer’s representative, HTS New York, for many years – successfully deploying highly energy-efficient data center HVAC systems for numerous industries.

But, in recent years, clients with mission critical construction projects have had less tolerance for the time schedules and layered costs of traditional construction as they faced pressures to accommodate rapidly increasing data requirements for their companies.

They needed another solution that didn’t require them to give up the trusted relationships with teams that understood their building requirements, but could expedite their ability to show management they had a better, faster, more cost-effective solution.

Building on our clients’ needs, we realized an opportunity to blend our considerable data center building project experience with our high-performance product manufacturing capability to give data center owners the best of both worlds: a factory fabricated modular data center that can look and feel just like any other facility on their campus, or an engineered product with a production process that eliminates time delays while providing a host of other benefits.

Commitment to clients

As well established companies with strong balance sheets, proven partners who can deliver real-world experience, and a history of , we know the client relationship is everything. We build our business by building our client’s facilities, but more importantly by building esteem within their companies for having produced a project that makes bottom line sense and resolves an issue that would otherwise impede an organization’s ability to achieve its own mission.

Our greatest accomplishment is always when clients make us their go-to partner for their many varied projects – a sure sign we’ve fulfilled on our vision and values. Simply put, the questions that come into play during a project are always easy to answer: what’s best for the client? Taking this approach, we have been fortunate to build long-lasting client relationships that have built all our businesses into successful enterprises – which allowed us in turn to introduce yet another business—Data Centers Delivered — to support our client’s unique needs today.